At Prism Education & Career, our student's future always comes first. We make sure that everything we do helps in the overall skill development of our students.
The commitment of our trainers and teachers towards the courses they teach, the individualized attention that caters to the need of every single student is what distinguishes us in the market and drives our success. It is a reputation that we have built through a lot of hard-work.
"I welcome you to embark on your Journey from Preparation to Presentation with PEC."
With Best Wishes!

Shramik GC

Mission & Vision

Nepal is an under developed country. With it comes many challenges. First and foremost being employment opportunities. Majority of students lack what it needs in this competitive market to secure their dream job or even start their own business.

We strongly believe that we can help young enthusiasts gain soft skills which will help improve their employablity and equip them with inspiration and motivation to even be their own boss.

Our Principles

1. Our trained teachers become role models to our students.
2. We treat all students fairly and with respect.
3. We ensure health & Safety in these desparate times of COVID.
4. We promote well being of students with additional motivation.
5. We work with the framework of Preparation, Presentation, Practise & Performance .

These principles are just the beginning and forms the foundation of our culture of integrity.